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[1530] Spidel A, Greaves C, Yuille JC, Lecomte T.  2011.  What is the role of childhood abuse on aggression in those with a first episode of psychosis? North American Correctional and Criminal Justice Psychology Conference. .
[1498] Spidel A.  2014.  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Trauma and Psychosis. White Rock Mental Health.
[1497] Spidel A, Goldenson J, Lecomte T.  2014.  Investigating the role of trauma and violence on treatment compliance in individuals with psychosis.. International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services.
[1853] Spidel A, Daigneault I, Kealy D, Lecomte T.  2019.  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Psychosis and Trauma: Investigating Links between Trauma Severity, Attachment and Outcome. Behavioural and Cognitive PsychotherapyBehavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy. 47:230-243.
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[1478] Spidel A, Greaves C, Yuille JC, Lecomte T.  Sous presse.   A comparison of treatment adherence in individuals with a first episode of psychosis and inpatients with psychosis.. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry..
[1739] Spidel A, Nicholls TL, Dutton DG, Kendrick K.  Sous presse.  Personality and demographic characteristics of female intimate partner assaulters.. Journal of Intimate Partner Abuse.Journal of Intimate Partner Abuse..


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