28 juin

The International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI) offers an organized professional home to support and foster collaboration, integrate findings, and disseminate research for developing and using indicators and measuring the status of child and adolescent well-being at the local, national, regional, and international levels.

Researchers, data users, child advocates, and policymakers have made considerable advances in developing and using child indicators. To support their work, ISCI provides an organizing structure that brings together experts in the field worldwide to:

14 juin

It is a pleasure to invite you to Pathways to Resilience IV to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, June 14-16, 2017. This fourth Pathways conference will the first one that the Resilience Research Centre (RRC) at Dalhousie University has hosted outside of Halifax, Canada. The RRC is proud to co-host the event with the Optentia Research Focus Area at North-West University, South Africa and with organizational support of the Primary Healthcare Directorate, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town.

31 mai

Depuis 40 ans, le Québec est un lieu fertile de collaboration entre les cliniciens et les chercheurs dans le champ de l’agression sexuelle. Alors que les efforts ont d’abord été consentis aux interventions et aux pratiques concernant les agresseurs sexuels, l’intervention et le développement des connaissances ont suivi le pas pour les victimes.

20 avr

SSTAR meetings are devoted to understanding and treating sexual disorders within cultural context such as sexual dysfunctions, gender and sexual orientation challenges, and paraphilias.

10 nov

Trauma and trauma-related disorders are significant public health issues that require interdisciplinary approaches including epidemiology, biostatistics and health services research. Advances in assessment, treatment and prevention efforts and knowledge translation are of critical importance if we are to increase public awareness and de-stigmatize trauma-related disorders. The use of innovative technology is now closely tied to public health strategies.

13 sep

Shaping the future: connecting knowledge and evidence in child welfare practice is the title of the EUSARF Conference 2016 in Oviedo. Our main aim is to stimulate debates and discussions that could transfer sound research findings to practices in child welfare and improve the interventions in the future. Therefore, the design of the conference will try to facilitate participation and open debates, not just by speakers but also by all delegates. 

10 juil
Our research-focused conferences offer a unique opportunity for researchers and scientist/practitioners from a broad array of disciplines to come together for the purpose of sharing, integrating and critiquing accumulated science on violence. Our conference is also known for offering many opportunities to interact formally and informally with colleagues.  We believe strongly that it matters not only what information is presented but also how it is presented.  Our conference is a unique gathering of scholars and professionals who all have a shared passion for better understanding and ameli
18 mai
L’application du modèle de psychothérapie de couple d’orientation cognitive-comportementale (PCCC) lors de la phase d’évaluation et d’intervention auprès des couples en détresse. Basé d’une part sur l’entraînement aux habiletés de communication et de résolution de problèmes et d’autre part sur l’identification et la modification des attitudes et comportements dysfonctionnels que présentent les couples en détresse.
2 mai

Les enfants et les adolescents qui cumulent des expériences de vie adverses sont exposés à un stress chronique dont les effets sont fort toxiques pour leur développement.

29 avr

Les traumatismes subis durant l'enfance se produisent souvent dans le cadre de relation d'attachement et peuvent conduire à de graves difficultés dans le fonctionnement interpersonnel.


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